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Sails Up 4 Cancer
SU4C Annual Appeal Letter

SU4C_annualappealletterlr-2Dear Friend of SU4C,

With generous donations from our supporters this year, we were able to donate thousands of much needed funds to a variety of stellar programs. Past beneficiaries include:

Stand Up 2 Cancer
L+M Cancer Center in affiliation with Dana-Farber Community Cancer Care
The Sunshine Kids
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven
Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut
Visiting Nurses Association of Southeast Connecticut
Children's Cancer Research Fund
Esophageal Cancer Action Network

As we begin our 5th year at SU4C, it is with gratitude to our community for sustaining the worthwhile work that has helped so many suffering from, and surviving, cancer. Our energy for continuing this work is strong – we are filled with BIG ideas for enhancing our programs in 2015. Please visit: for more information regarding our new grant process and our Spinnaker fund.

Plans include increasing attendance and awareness about SU4C events and fund raisers; generating a significant number of new sponsors and supporters; working in conjuction with area partners such as the France Foundation, Mystic Blues Festival, SailQuest Boat Show and more. Please keep up to date with our events on our calendar page, visit for further information about upcoming events.

We’re thinking big as we look toward SU4C’s future. Your generosity has brought us such a great distance in a short time. Will you continue to help our organization serve those with cancer who gain so much from our programs? We are strong because of your support; your help is integral in our ability to make a difference.

Please send a contribution to SU4C, 23 East Main St, PO Box 623, Mystic, CT 06355 or simply hit donate now. Every dollar counts. Any amount is appreciated.

Bob Davis
CEO & Founder

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Spinnaker Fund

Proudly Announcing the SU4C Spinnaker Fund

All of us have been touched by cancer, we know those battling need help

Encourage those battling to apply for the Spinnaker fund.

SU4C Spinnaker Fund Policy

Individuals are encouraged to apply and use the SU4C Spinnaker Fund. It is there to encourage and support those battling cancer and undergoing expensive treatment.

Eligibility: Funds may go to any individual(s) who submits a letter requesting funds explaining the reasoning for the request. If there are multiple requests from individuals in a given fiscal year, the Board will determine recipients based on SU4C funds and the individual requests of the applicant.

Intention: Based on eligibility and receipt of letter asking for support, the SU4C Spinnaker funds will be distributed on as needed basis.

Bob Davis
CEO & Founder

“However bad the storm you are in, there is still sun somewhere over your horizon.” - Ken Nutt

• Download Spinnaker Fund Application Form

Letter to the Crew

It was late January in 2004 and my wife and I were celebrating her 50th birthday in an oncologist’s office. During a routine physical myprimary care physician discovered that my WBC’s (white blood cell) were elevated. So off to the oncologist where I learned that I had leukemia, more specifically, chronic lymphocytic leukemia. As scary as it was, I supposethat if you’re diagnosed with leukemia, “CLL” is the best one to have, if I may say that. It took about six months for me to get a handle on it.

Then in February 2010 on the advice of both my primary care physician and my oncologist, I was having an endoscopy because of difficulty swallowing. Not to worry I was told he’ll scope you and dilate your esophagus and you’ll be better than new. Well so much for that procedure. When I woke up and asked how everything went there was silence. My wife was called and we were to meet with the doctor in his office. He entered the office, greeted us, and began to explain that he found a tumor. “Well why didn’t you cut it out while you were down there?” I asked him. Try now to understand that I was a man who thought that leukemia was like a bad caseof the flu six years ago. So just like that, I thought that tumors were just removed with a scalpel, laser beam, whatever. Now I’m hearing, “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” Cancer……oh no, not me, no way! 

About SU4C

su4c_logo-nooverlapsmSU4C’s mission statement really says it all. “SU4C is a non profit organization dedicated to funding research in the education, prevention, and cure for all types of cancer through the art and enjoyment of sailing.” To fulfill these goals, SU4C will partner with local yacht clubs, sailing clubs and other like minded organizations to host regattas. The aim is to have these regattas appeal to everyone and not just the racing enthusiast. In addition to the traditional racing format with various classes and types of boats, there will also be a “Picnic Fleet”. This class of sailors will be comprised primarily of the sailors who have no interest in competitive sailing. The skippers in this class will be encouraged to take on board cancer patients and family members for a relaxing time watching the race. These passengers should be required to meet the physical challenges an afternoon on a boat will require.

Funds will be raised by traditional fundraising methods by sailors with family members, friends, and local businesses. Donations will not be limited to just money but items of value that may be auctioned off at the Post Regatta Shore Party. Boats will be encouraged to sail with their crew as a “team” in honor of someone who has or had cancer.

Awards will be given to sailors in two categories; one, the traditional manner for the top three finishers in each class raced, and two, the top three fundraisers. The awards will be given in a ceremony at the Post Regatta Shore Party. In addition to the awards the party will also hold live and silent auctions, serve food and beverages, music and have an array of information made available to the attendants regarding education, prevention and cures for cancer.

The majority of  funds raised are distributed to  organizations at the discretion of the SU4C Board of Directors which best exemplify the Mission Statement. Remaining funds will be distributed to organizations at the discretion of the SU4C Board of Directors which best exemplify the Mission Statement.


SU4C Annual Appeal Letter:

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SU4C Annual Appeal Response Card:

• Download Annual Appeal Response Card

SU4C Spinnaker Fund Letter:

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